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On the right hand side, are tabs for all the different topics we have covered in year 10 and 11. I have uploaded all of the powerpoints from the lesson, with any other helpful worksheets and website links. There is also an answer sheet on each page, which includes the answers for any worksheet thats relevant to that topic and for the questions in your textbook.

  • If you want to discuss anything or post a question, add it in the discussion tab above and I will answer your questions promptly.
  • Also have a look at this website which sells GCSE revision cards, at a cost of £5 each (extension is listed as 'further'). http://www.sjhrevision.co.uk/services.html. You will need to download the student price list and the order form.
Let me know of anything else you will find helpful.

A level Choices
Those of you that are stuck with making choices for Post-16, the Russell Group (which is a group of the top 20 universities) have released this document giving guidance called 'Informed Choices'. Its important to read it if you are thinking of taking science/maths at A level but is useful all round for other subjects too. In particular, read pages 12 onwards which starts with 'what subjects will give me the most options?'. From page 16 onwards it looks at which subjects are needed for different degrees at university.