Here are the resources for B3.1 Biotechnology:

Target sheet for this unit: and answers for worksheets from this unit and for questions from the textbooks

Lesson 1 - functional foods, p.10-11.

Lesson 2 - your favourite, making yoghurt and soy sauce, p.12-13.

Lesson 3 -
Lesson 4 - This has some general understanding on eating healthy, and how to calculate your BMI index
Lesson 5 - 'Feeding the world' was completed for IL and looks at how biotechnolgy can help the worlds food shortage.

Lesson 6 - Genetically engineering plants, a REALLY IMPORTANT lesson. Im sure there may well be a question of how to insert a gene into a plasmid.

Lesson 7 - Should GM crops worry us? Its important to know the ethics of using GM crops, make sure you know some for and against point

Lesson 8 -Genetically engineering insulin. This was the basis of your B3.1 CDA

Lesson 9 - Genomics. In this lesson you all produced a leaflet explaining the Human Genome Project. This lesson is all based on 'Genomics' which is understanding the sequencing in DNA.

Lesson 10 - Genomic Medicine
Lesson 11 - Medicinal Plants
Lesson 12 - Aspirin and quinine
Lesson 13 - Artemisinin and taxol
Lesson 14 - Stem cell research
Lesson 15 - Girl or Boy

Lesson 16 - Ethical Issues